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Dineh families requesting direct on-land support

For four decades, the Dineh communities of Black Mesa have fought to stop the U.S government and Peabody Energy Company's exploitation of their homelands and communities. Today, families remain, steadfastly resisting the mine, colonialism, and forced relocation. 

In the words of one resister, "WE NEED YOUR PHYSICAL PRESENCE OUT HERE, ASAP! WE don't ask for monies, just your good-spirited will to come out for a few days/weeks/months and immerse yourself into a cultural community under threat, and accept the daily challenges in supporting these native elders' existence. And yes, we are not asking for monies because we wish to maintain that human sovereignty, and not seek lawyers or travels to far off cities to protest."

You are being invited to the resistance communities' lands to support their resistance and deter governmental and corporate harassment.

Support the Unist'ot'en Encampment

Members of the Wet'suwet'en clan are re-occupying their land to stop an array of oil and gas pipelines planned for that area without their permission.

As political prisoner David Gilbert (among many others) has pointed out, it's important that our local struggles take inspiration from and lend our strength to global struggles, especially those struggles led by indigenous people and people of color.

RAMPS has supported the Unist'ot'en encampment financially and by volunteering, and we call on our friends and allies to do the same.

Happy Fall

posted by admin, Friday, November 30th, 2018

After wrapping up another successful Fall Summit, we’ve decided that a RAMPS update is long overdue! The past few months have been incredibly busy and trying for us, with our people, resources and energy spread all across the region. Spending time on Kayford with old and new friends reminds us how important it is to be sharing some of the incredible work happening across Appalachia. So, as we (finally!) experience some autumn colors throughout the mountains, here’s a bit about what we’ve been up to recently.

Fighting the Mountain Valley Pipeline

Since February of this year, we have been supporting Appalachians Against Pipelines in their fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline (MVP). This hazardous fossil fuel project is a 42-inch diameter fracked gas pipeline that is currently under construction from northern WV to southern VA. The MVP threatens the land, water, and communities along its route. Throughout the summer and fall, we have supported a series of blockades and nonviolent direct actions to resist the MVP. Two tree sits preventing tree felling in the pipeline’s path near Elliston, Virginia recently celebrated their 60th day in the canopy! Resistance to this dangerous pipeline has directly contributed to delays in construction, including the revocation of MVP’s construction permits in national forest areas, a federally mandated month-long work stoppage this summer, and a court ordered construction stoppage along river crossings in West Virginia.

Meanwhile in Whitesville…

Our garden was blooming throughout spring, summer, and most of the fall! Neighbors enjoyed fresh tomatoes, peppers, chard, onions, and more throughout the season. We just picked our last bouquet of flowers after experiencing the first frost. We’re already planning for next spring and hope to build more raised beds and have a wider selection of vegetables!


We had SO much fun hosting Whitesville’s first ever Macaroni and Cheese Cook Off at the Fall Festival in September! Over fifty people from the community came out to our booth at the garden and voted for their favorite mac and cheese dish. (The obvious winner was deep-fried mac and cheese bites…)

More recently, we helped host another free herbal health clinic with the West Virginia Herbal Medics. Volunteer herbalists offered free consults and herbal medicine in Whitesville’s community center. The herbal clinic then joined us on Kayford for a day at Fall Summit.

And up on Kayford…

We were excited to co-host the Fall Summit on Kayford with Appalachians Against Pipelines just a couple weeks ago. This year, it felt more important than ever to spend time with our community on Kayford talking about Appalachian history, prevalent issues, and resistance. It was a space to connect our fight against fossil fuel pipelines in West Virginia to other struggles and organizing throughout the region. We are grateful to everyone who came out for a cold weekend on the mountain full of workshops, discussions, trainings, storytelling, and fun!


We can’t continue to fight pipelines, build community gardens, and host fall summits and mac and cheese cook offs without your support! Please consider donating to RAMPS so we can continue our work in Appalachia. Feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] or come visit and volunteer with us! If you’re interested in joining the Mountain Valley Pipeline resistance, find Appalachians Against Pipelines on Facebook, or reach out.



For the land and the people,

2017 End of Year Update

posted by admin, Wednesday, December 27th, 2017


              Happy New Year!                        

2017 has been a busy year for us. We’ve worked hard to cultivate resistance and community support in the face of growing threats like fascist, white supremacist organizations, increased repression of radical activism and all the other fucked up shit that has escalated this year.  Our work continues to change and expand with the shifting political landscape. Here’s a recap of what we’ve been up to this year and what we hope to do in 2018:

Here in Whitesville…
We’ve made significant progress turning a vacant lot into a community garden. With help from Whitesville residents, we’ve planted medicinal herbs, added raised beds, built a rain catchment system for watering, and started terracing the hillside.  When spring comes, we hope to fill the raised beds with vegetables, plant more flowers and herbs on the hill, and plant some fruit trees.  We also look forward to working with our friends Aurora Lights  Herbal Medics again to bring another free herbal and alternative health clinic to Whitesville in 2018.
We are constantly engaged in mutual aid work with neighbors in Whitesville- from helping folks heat their homes, to giving people rides to doctor’s appointments or the grocery store. Our community house is a place where neighbors and visitors come to share a meal, get help with school work, or find emotional support. We feel it is an important space in this chaotic community where so many people face depression, drug addiction, violence, and physical ailments. In the past year, we’ve also provided medical support by hosting and caring for neighbors with serious medical conditions.


In “West Virginia”…
We’ve continued our involvement with communities beyond Whitesville as well. We have supported the Stanley Heirs families on Kayford mountain as they carry on the legacy of legendary land defender Larry Gibson. This year we set up and maintained a rain catchment system on Kayford for drinking water and hosted our annual Fall Summit in the park (thanks again to partners Seeds of Peace and the Ohio Valley Environmental Coalition!). We’ve also maintained our long standing relationship with Prenter, a nearby community severely impacted by mining. This year residents have been forced to run a diesel generator to power the pumping station providing their tap water, though this water is still not clean enough to drink- it is mainly used for washing. While they are hoping they will have access to city water some time in 2018, in the meantime, we will soon launch a fundraiser to help them pay for the diesel fuel. Stay tuned! In addition, we continue to write letters, keep up relationships and advocate for people who are incarcerated throughout the state.
As fascism grew on a national level in 2017, the threat of fascist and racist organizations within our region specifically- including militias and white supremacist political parties- has risen dramatically. Some of these dangerous groups see Appalachia as an ideal place to establish a “white homeland” and have been working to organize and expand here. We’ve worked with local and regional allies to confront these enemies in the streets of Pikeville, KY; Charleston, WV; and Charlottesville, VA. As an outgrowth of those efforts, we’ve helped establish the “Holler Network”, an Appalachian antifascist network with members throughout the region. This network was instrumental this fall in providing community-based self-defense when black radical artist John Sims came to Athens, OH to lecture and exhibit his work. In the coming year, we will continue to confront the fascists wherever they appear in our region and build the Holler network through trainings, outreach, and direct action to destroy fascism in the streets and the hollers of Appalachia.
Broader Movement Support…
Indigenous solidarity continues to be at the forefront of our work. We are on stolen land! Members of RAMPS spent several months in North Dakota this winter and spring providing legal support to water protectors fighting the Dakota Access pipeline. We also set up jail and legal support for actions throughout Appalachia and hope to continue this work in the coming year (and to provide trainings to folks who are interested!). This summer, RAMPS members supported the Pokanoket Nation’s occupation of part of their ancestral land in an attempt to force Brown University to return it to them. We will continue to support indigenous-led resistance!

To continue our efforts into 2018, we’re asking folks to consider donating here. Thanks to all those who donated their time or money (or anything else!) to support us in 2017!

Feel free to get in touch ([email protected]) or stop by if you find yourself in southern WV! We (almost) always need volunteers- please reach out if that’s something you might be interested in.

For the land and people,

This year’s Fall Summit schedule!

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